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#72 (Juin 2011)
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Harmonie magazine numero 72

Articles : Phideaux, Rêverie, Thierry Payssan (Interview) , The Snobs Et Steve Delachinsky, Apocalypse, Jon Anderson (Interview), Shades Of Dawn, Wobbler, Blackfield, Madelgaire, Lazuli, Galleon, Neal Morse, Sean Filkins, The Watch (+ Interview Simone Rossetti), Pendragon, Nockford

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Welcome to Harmonie Magazine's website
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Harmonie Magazine is the oldest music fanzine dedicated to progressive rock.

Since its first issue, in 1985, Harmonie was a high quality printed fanzine with color covers and b&w pictures of the musicians and album sleeves.

Written in french, it has been exploring every area of this musical style and, in that respect, it constitutes a proper encyclopedia.

You will find interviews, thematic articles, album reviews, as well as news about prog bands from all around the world, thanks to an impressive network of world-wide contacts.

For instance, during many years, Harmonie has been the only french resource to get information about the japanese scene.

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